The Big Feastival

We ended our summer festival season with a bang at Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival held at Alex James' Farm in The Cotswolds.  We were lucky to have a great position for our stall on 'Street Food Avenue' outside of the Main Arena. Apart from a brief spell of thunder, lightening and rain on the Saturday when my wellies were finally used, the weather was terrific. We were non-stop busy every day applying tattoos and glitter and often had a long queue of people and children outside our tent. We would open at 10am and as there were only two of us running the stall, we would not manage to break for lunch till after 5pm!

The festival is in the gorgeous Cotswold village of Kingham and the train station is literally only a 3 minute walk away so if you were going to come for the day from London, I would say take the train to avoid possible delays on the roads.

The line-up this year included Mark Ronson, Tinie Temper, The Kaiser Chiefs, Ella Henderson, The Proclaimers and Reggie n' Bollie to name but a few. Although we were too busy to watch any cooking demos going on, I did manage to walk round and sample lots of the foods being marketed there like unusually flavoured bacon & maple syrup popcorn and gogi berry smoothies. Amongst the small artisan stalls there were in fact quite a few big commercial brands there like Jacobs Cream Crackers, Higgidy Pies, Moretti Beer, Neff Kitchens, Metcalfe popcorn and even Renault Cars. 

The Cheese Hub has a bar, dance floor and DJ stage where Alex James would draw a crowd. Upstairs was a VIP section run by The Groucho Club which had a good view above the crowds to the main stage in the distance. 

There were lots of families with young children and a lot of people came on a day ticket rather than staying for all 3 days camping.  It was a nice crowd and although very busy, it felt safe and friendly. Coming to the festival is not cheap - a glass of wine is £6.50 and expect to spend a fair bit on the food (which is good quality and delicious).  

Glitter Beard done by Mary
The queue outside our tent for tats & glitter
Three happy 'mini' customers!
At the end of the festival on Sunday night Aug 28th, I took this photo of an empty main arena, as it was with a feeling of sadness that we had now reached the end of our summer season of festivals.

All that was left in the main arena after the festival closed 

It had been a lot of hard work but a really great experience both for our Azzy London brand and as a personal experience. We met some amazing people, famous people, creative and quirky people! We got a good sense of what products and services people liked from us and by having a stall we really felt a part of each festival in a unique way. In fact,  we wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way! ❤️





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