Indie Henna Rose Gold and Silver Temporary Metallic Tattoos

£8.95 £11.95

Beautiful limited edition Temporary Tattoos with intricate Indian inspired designs in the latest trend colours of rose gold & mint plus silver & turquoise. Great for sharing with your BFF!

The sheet includes Henna inspired designs that look great worn on the backs of the hands, the front of the foot or even down your back with a backless dress! Cut to size then mix and match any of these unique designs as bracelets, anklets, rings, face bindis....endless shimmering possibilities!

Contains a 210mm x 150mm sheet beautifully packaged.

Non-toxic and skin safe. Not recommended for children under 3yrs or if suffering from sensitive skin conditions.

Just apply in a matter of seconds with a little water. Take off with oil, coconut oil, nail polish remover or even sticky tape!

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